Case Studies

Salesforce Implementation for HealthCare

A technology services provider for healthcare wished to develop a solution that would offer a complete view of patients and enable to make smarter care decisions. The solution should be designed to take into consideration the demographic information of the patient within the EHR, for the clients spread across the globe leading to a more personalized individual care. It aimed to produce clinical results that are source-verified, reproducible and cost-efficient.

Client Information

  • The client develops facilities and technology solutions for Education, Healthcare organizations, enterprises and government entity in emerging markets.
  • Their connective Health Solutions include self-contained, portable care units and cloud-based Electronic. Health Record (EHR), Practice Management and Connectivity systems.

Business Requirement

  • Client had purchased a third party Health Care application to produce Electronic Patient Records (EPR), clinic data management, medication management etc.
  • However, the third party application was very generic and client needed demographic specific customization for each of their clients spread across the globe.
  • Each country had different requirements based on their local law, regulations, and business rules. The security model was not properly defined to restrict the visibility of country specific data.


  • Our team played a key role in re-designing the existing third party architecture and customized the app as per different countries’ requirements. The system was made more robust to incorporate all possible scenarios in a health care world with respect to EPRs, Billing, Medication Management, Inventory Management, Multilingual, Clinic Assessments etc.
  • Some of the Key Features that were developed were –
  • Security Model
  • Patient Registration
  • Restructured the Lab Module to give Clinicians the ability to add as many Test as they want.
  • Auto population of Normal Values on Lab Results report based on Patient’s Age or Gender and highlight the abnormal values
  • Incorporation of country specific VAT/TAX codes and rates while generation of Invoices.
  • Country/Clinic specific customization of Prescription and Invoices.
  • Sales Reports
  • Technology – Apex, Visualforce, Triggers, Webservices, Javascript, jquery, Apex/Visualforce

Key Highlights

A single integrated solution built on platform enabling clinicians and health professionals to produce
  • Electronic Patient Records (EPR’s),
  • Scheduling,
  • Assessments,
  • Clinical data capture and charting,
  • Medication management,
  • Clinical decision support, care planning, diagnostic testing, inventory management, reporting, patient billing and more.